Use of thermal and mineral waters

Thermal waters and mineral waters are defined respectively by elevated temperatures and high dissolved mineral contents. They can be used for hot baths or for geothermal energy production (heat or electricity). In the Upper Rhine Graben these waters are usually found at great depths. In the vicinity of deep reaching faults these waters can sometimes reach shallower depths.

Geothermal power station Landau

Thermal waters are defined as waters with a temperature of more than 20° C. They also usually have an elevated dissolved mineral content. They are already used for hot baths such as at Baden-Baden and at higher temperature in the Landau geothermal power plant.


Mineral waters are generally defined as waters with a total dissolved solid content of at least 1 g per liter (although in France less mineralized waters have also obtained the label "eau minérale"). Mineral waters are used for hot baths or bottled for sale as mineral water. Deep groundwater in the Upper Rhine Graben usually present salinities as high as 100 g/l TDS (total dissolved solids).

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