Proceedings of the technical workshop GeORG on 18th of November 2010 in Freiburg im Br.

The technical workshop of the Interreg IV A project “Geopotentials of the deep Upper Rhine Graben (GeORG)” was aimed at presenting first scientific results and at discussing the project with the general public as well as with scientific experts. In the first session “Communication” the objectives, contents, potential uses and the broader context of GeORG were presented. The session “Positioning” focused on the applied techniques for a transnational harmonization, interpretation and modeling of geological data in GeORG and on the scientific exchange with thematically related projects of geological modeling for the use of geopotentials.


The program of the workshop, proceedings and presentations of talks are available for download as PDF files.


application/pdf Program of technical workshop GeORG  (56 kByte)
application/pdf Flyer of technical workshop GeORG  (1.2 MB)
application/pdf LGRB News of the technical workshop GeORG (87 kByte)


application/pdf German (4.9 MB) application/pdf French (4.3 MB) application/pdf English (4.3 MB)


Presentations of session 1: Communication
application/pdf Geopotentials of the Upper Rhine Graben (1.3 MB) Prof. Dr. Harald Ehses
application/pdf Importance of deep geothermal energy within the political strategy in the canton of Basel-Country (191 kByte) Christoph Plattner
application/pdf The Project „Speicherkataster“– Geological Data in Baden-Württemberg (4.8 MB) Dr. Gunther Wirsing, Dr. Charlotte Fehn, Dr. Wolfgang Engesser
application/pdf Aufbau einer europäischen Infrastruktur, basierend auf INSPIRE: die Rolle von EuroGeoSurveys (1.3 MB) François Robida


Presentations of session 2: Positioning
application/pdf Exploring deep subsurface: Techniques, workflow, data processing and status of the GeORG project (2.0 MB) Isabel Rupf, Dr. Birte Anders,  Dr. Edgar Nitsch, Dr. Heiko Zumsprekel, Dr. Laurent Beccaletto, Dr. Laure Capar, Dr. Thomas Kärcher, Jörg Tesch
application/pdf The GeORG project: seismic interpretation, structural pattern and 3D modeling of the Upper Rhine Graben - first scientific results (2.8 MB) Dr. Laurent Beccaletto, Dr. Laure Capar, Davy Cruz-Mermy, Gwennolé Oliviero, Philippe Elsass, Isabel Rupf, Dr. Edgar Nitsch, Jörg Tesch
application/pdf Geological 3D-model of the Basel region – a tool to explore geopotentials (3.1 MB) Dr. Horst Dresmann, Prof. Dr. Peter Huggenberger, Jannis Epting
application/pdf Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Heidelberg Basin, Upper Rhine Graben (2.0 MB) Dr. David C. Tanner, Nicole Martini, Dr. Hermann Buness, Dr. Gerald Gabriel, Prof. Dr. Charlotte M. Krawczyk
application/pdf Local geological 3D models, two examples in the Rhine Graben : the geothermal potential of the Strasbourg-Obernai area and the deep geothermal site of Soultz-sous-Forêts (5.1 MB) Dr. Chrystel Dezayes, Gloria Heilbronn, Paul Baillieux, Dr. Isabelle Thinon, Gabriel Courrioux, Dr. Philippe Calcagno
application/pdf 3-D Model of Deep Geothermal Potentials in Hesse (3.5 MB) Dr. Matthias Kracht, Dr. Johann-Gerhard Fritsche, Dirk Arndt, Kristian Bär, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoppe, Prof. Dr. Ingo Sass
application/pdf Geothermal Reservoir Characterization and Modelling - Methods and strategies to derive thermal properties from well data and to improve model input parameter (6.2 MB) Dr. Renate Pechnig, Dr. Darius Mottaghy

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